Man Series Conditioner


Man Series Conditioner – Stylist-Level Hair Care Products for Men – Infused with Peppermint Oil for Dandruff & Dry Scalp

  • ⌘ BATTLE READY – From top to bottom, this lightweight conditioner leaves your locks prepared to take the day. Supplying hydration, it soothes your hair and your aura, giving you clarity for the tasks ahead, and leaves your hair in perfect form by eliminating frizz and dryness.
  • ⌘ OIL OF THE GODS – The Peppermint Oil intertwined with this vitamin rich conditioner serves to not only help soothe dry scalp and reduce dandruff, but offers stress management, and elevates your mood. Achieve enlightenment and feel energized. It’s just part of the Path of the Warrior, and Krieger + Söhne will lead the way.
  • ⌘ HEAL YOUR HAIR – Scars are reminders of the past. The only way to true illumination is removing those scars and making way for the strong, unbroken hair of your future! Wipe the past away, and heal from the inside out! This is true warrior grade refreshment, and the only way to finish off that warrior clean!
  • ⌘ WARRIORS RESPITE – Krieger means warrior in the Germanic tongue, and we strive to bring you only top tier, warrior grade products like this one. Our men’s conditioner is the calm before the storm, and fits in perfectly with our full line of Krieger + Söhne products. Buy the whole grooming set today, and begin your journey to become a true warrior!
  • ⌘ REST EASY – Just as with all Krieger + Söhne Products, if for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with our men’s conditioner, or it’s just not for you, just send it back our way for a prompt, full refund of the purchase price. What could be better than a LIFETIME GUARANTEE? Our customer service is second to none, and your satisfaction is our priority.
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